British furniture brands flourish in European markets via online sales

fitted-bedrooms-35Apparently the Search volumes on mobile devices increased by half in the past quarter and department stores increased by as much as three quarters. If we are to name a market that would stand out in these results it would have to be the Czech Republic as they demonstrated the strongest appetite for UK retailers.

Martijn Bertisen, retail director, Google, adds: “UK brands continue to drive interest from the rest of Europe – particularly our department stores and our beauty retailers. Some of the largest major European markets like Germany are driving much of that growth. This report also demonstrates the huge growth of mobile across Europe, as Eastern countries, like the Czech Republic, are growing at over 250% YOY, and mobile is powering the overall market growth.”

The London fitted furniture market is also doing very good as fitted furniture companies that deliver fitted wardrobes and other house furniture such as Capital Bedrooms have reported excellent numbers for the last quarter. Sales increased in an enthusiastic manner and business owners expect this trend to continue, mainly based on orders coming in from European markets.

Helen Dickinson OBE, BRC chief executive, says: “These figures provide further evidence that the EU is an increasingly important market for UK retailers. With 14 EU countries reporting over 100% growth in searches on mobile devices, not only is interest in UK retail growing steadily on the continent, EU consumers are also far more likely to be experiencing the British retail offer through their smartphones.”

We can only hope that the above will prove right and the trend will continue in the next period as the importance of the EU market for the British furniture business only started to be acknowledged by local entrepreneurs and there is a lot more space to grow.

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