Setting up your private study

Perhaps one of the rooms I was the most excited about re-doing was my own private study at home. Whether you use this space for work or hobbies like writing, reading or discovering new online casino games on sites like, it’s essential to create a peaceful and relaxing space which allows you to focus and fully immerse yourself in the task at hand.

The must-haves obviously include an ergonomic desk and chair which are comfortable for your back and neck. The way you position your computer or laptop and keyboard is also key to ensure that you don’t strain your hands, arms, neck and eyes. If you intend to repaint the walls, make sure you choose a soothing colour like a pastel colour that will help you feel focused yet at ease. If there is a window or door in the room, also make sure that you position your desk in such such a way that the sunlight doesn’t interfere with the monitor (the ideal setup would have the desk located to the side of the door or window, so that the sunlight comes in from the side and does not fall directly onto your screen).

Use your imagination

Other adjustments you could make to create the ideal office space include getting a plant or two to make the room greener, and also having adequate shelving for your books or files. It’s amazing what a couple of bookshelves can do to give your study a welcoming feel, even if you don’t ever pick up those books! For the floor, we prefer having a fitted carpet or parquet flooring, which adds to that cosy feeling that most of us seek from our own private study.

And last but not least, avoid having your study in an open area or corner of the house; being able to close the door will enable you to get the peace and quiet you need, especially if you have a family!

11 Apr 2020